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A full suite of legal services under the one roof.

WMD Law is an elite legal firm that offers advice, representation and services across a range of areas. Where other lawyers just see the matter before them, WMD Law has the extensive skills needed to take in the bigger picture. We have your interests covered from every angle.

Our five expert units work closely together to provide advice and representation in:

  • Commercial Law
  • Property Law
  • Family Law
  • Estate Law
  • Criminal Law

Our clients benefit from an expert team that can offer advice across legal disciplines. Working with WMD Law allows you to access quality expertise from the one team, giving you a clear advantage in all matters. For example, many of our clients who own businesses can also benefit from legal advice related to succession planning, commercial law and property law.

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What do our clients say?

My family has been with WMD Law since my late husband sold his business. The WMD lawyers have been us at every stage of our life transition, they have one thing on their minds and that’s protecting our interests. I would recommend them to anyone that needs the best legal assistance available.

June Brown, Cronulla NSW

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June Brown, Cronulla NSW

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June Brown, Cronulla NSW

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June Brown, Cronulla NSW