The recent popularity of electric bikes, especially among children, raises the question as to how its use is regulated on NSW roads. Powered with rechargeable batteries, e-bikes assist pedalling to help users ride faster than a traditional bicycle, while helping to manage hills easier and travel longer distances without feeling as tired.

Bicycles must meet the requirements of a permitted e-bike to be legally used on NSW public roads and road-related areas. The Road Transport Act 2013 was recently amended to consider the rise of e-bikes in the new Road Transport Legislation Amendment Act (Electric Skateboards and Bicycles) Regulation 2023 (NSW).

E-bike requirements

Permitted e-bikes on NSW public roads include:

  • Power-assisted pedal cycles; and
  • Electronically power-assisted

A power-assisted bike has one or more motors attached. However, these bikes must not be purely operated by motors and must only assist the e-bike when going uphill. The combined maximum motor output must not exceed 200 watts.

An electronically power-assisted bike must have a maximum continued rate power of no more than 500 watts. The power output of its motor should decrease as speed increases. The motor must cut off at 25 km/h or when the rider stops pedalling.

E-bikes not permitted on NSW public roads include:

  • Petrol-powered bicycles

Petrol and other powered bicycles that do not meet these e-bike requirements must not be used on public roads. Other prohibited vehicles also include:

  • Motorised foot scoters with an electric or petrol engine
  • Minibikes or monkey bikes
  • Segways; and
  • Skateboards with an electric or petrol motor

These vehicles can only be legally used on private property.

Are children allowed to ride e-bikes?

No age restriction currently exists surrounding the use of personal e-bikes on NSW roads. However, children must be at least 14 years old and have permission from their guardians to hire a ride share e-bike, such as Lime.

Children also do not need a licence to ride an e-bike, nor are required to have their e-bike registered.

E-bike road rules

E-bikes that comply with the above regulations are classed as bicycles, and therefore the same road rules apply. These include:

  • Children below 16 years of age may ride an e-bike on a footpath or shared path
  • Adults supervising children under 16 years can also ride on the footpath
  • E-bikes must not exceed 25km/h
  • Riders must wear an approved bicycle helmet
  • Riders must keep left and give way to pedestrians on shared paths
  • Riders must ride in a marked bicycle lane, unless impractical
  • Riders are also encouraged to wear bright or light-coloured clothing to increase visibility, and wear closed-toe shoes to protect and support feet, such as sneakers or running shoes.

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