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In 2015, the Home Building Act 1989 (the Act) was altered to amend the time to be able to take action in respect of residential building defects to 6 years. This period, however, only applies to defects which are considered "major defects" under the Act.

Duty (previously known as stamp duty) must be paid when you buy any of the following:

Recent reforms relating to Drink Driving Offences in NSW have significantly changed the existing law.  As of Monday, 20 May 2019 any driver even a first time or low range offender will receive an immediate three month licence suspension in addition to a $561 fine regardless of any defence or need

Are you a first home buyer looking to get into the property market?  Have you saved the 20% deposit required by most lenders?  If not, there might be might be a way for you to still purchase a property.

Investing in real estate is one of the biggest and most important decisions you can make in your life. Before signing any contract it is important that you know what exactly you are buying and the terms under which you will buy.

Nic Wicken

We are delighted to formally announce the incorporation of Woodward Wickes Wicken Lawyers into our growing practice.

Many people aren’t aware that pre-contract negotiations conducted over email could amount to a legally binding contract. In recent years the Courts have ruled that email negotiations create binding contracts, regardless of whether a formal contract is ever signed.

Separating from your partner is stressful and difficult however there are some matters that should be dealt with promptly.

Social media is extremely popular as it allows you to easily connect with family and friends all over the world. What you may not be aware of is that what you post on social media may affect the outcome of your parenting proceedings.

An important change has been made to Fair Work legislation affecting employers of casual employees

PEXA (Property EXchange Australia) is an electronic platform for the settlement of conveyancing and other land related transactions. 

National Employment Standards

The National Employment Standards (NES) are 10 minimum terms of employment that apply to all employees in accordance with the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).

The 10 minimum workplace entitlements in the NES are:

The Divorce Process

A divorce is the dissolving of a marriage and does not include the financial settlements or parenting agreements. In order to apply for a divorce you and your spouse must have been separated for twelve months and meet one of the following criteria:

Bali Democracy Students Conference (BDSC) is a student conference on democracy that was held earlier this month in Bali, Indonesia. Tristan Croft a Paralegal from our Bega Office was selected to attend.

A caveat is a warning recorded on the title of a property to alert all interested parties of an interest in the property.

More often it seems there are claims being made that one parent consumes alcohol excessively and that this has a negative impact upon their ability to parent the children of a marriage or relationship. 

If you are going through a separation and you or your partner are or become bankrupt, it is important to know how it can affect the way a Court will deal with property division.

There's more to Estate Planning than Wills.

 What do they mean for my family law matter?

Establishing a business based on Intellectual Property

Following a relationship breakdown it is common and understandable to want to simply pack up, move and start afresh.

It is anticipated that later this year a proposed Bill will be introduced into Parliament in relation to Off the Plan contracts in New South Wales.    
If the Bill is passed as expected, then these changes will bring about:

Most of us these days have some type of story of a marriage breakdown and are acutely aware how ugly they can sometimes become. Have you ever however considered the legal effect of the breakdown of a de-facto relationship and when the Courts will become involved?

Few people would be unaware that Aretha Franklin died recently and that fans the world over have mourned someone who was acclaimed as a master of her art.  Unfortunately, something that Aretha did not master was proper estate planning.  It has been widely reported that she did not leave a Will de

Binding Financial Agreements, or BFAs as they are known in Australia, are less common, less certain than the American 'pre-nups' you likely know from movies. Since the recent 2017 High Court decision in Thorne v Kennedy questions have arisen as to their certainty if challenged in Court.

Your business’ terms of trade are the conditions on which your business sells goods and services to its customers.
Your terms of trade should:

Grandparents and parenting orders

It's not just parents who can apply for parenting orders

Amendments to the Road Transport Act 2013 - Effective from 1 July 2018

From 1 July 2018 in NSW, new legislation comes into effect to improve road safety in three areas, mobile phone usage, drug-driving and drink driving.

The statement "good fences make good neighbours" is most often attributed to the poet Robert Frost. However a version of this proverb or statement exists in many different cultures and languages.

If you are selling residential property and propose to enter into a Contract on or after 1 July 2018, there are two important questions which must be addressed: 

Estate planning is more than just making a simple Will. It is the process of working out the best structure for your personal and financial affairs during your lifetime. It also covers how your personal possessions and financial assets will be distributed after you die.

Australian Law is extensive and complex which is why Lawyers choose to focus on specialty areas. When you have an important legal matter it is vital to know that you have an expert in that area of law, on your side.

In light of the Banking and Financial Services Royal Commission, small businesses and sole traders might be excused for thinking that the Federal Government's legislative reforms are wholly focused on the large corporations.

Understanding the Divorce and Separation process

When a relationship breaks down it can be a difficult time, understanding the separation and divorce process will help you to navigate the various stages.

Granny Flat Agreements

Many families with elderly relatives are reviewing the available aged care services and deciding to care for their parents or elderly relatives in their home. This can be a great solution for both parties.

The Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 established the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme which forms Part IIIC of the Privacy Act 1988 and came into effect on 22 February 2018.  

From 1 July 2018, purchasers of new residential premises may need to remit part of the purchase price directly to the ATO.  If there is more than one purchaser, and those purchasers are not joint tenants, then each purchaser is required to remit their respective proportion of the withholding amou

Flying regulations for Drones

Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast, photographer or just interested in technology, many of you may have operated a drone or received one as a gift for Christmas.

A Will is a written statement of the way in which a person wishes to have his or her property distributed after their passing.  Anyone over the age of 18 years who has the necessary capacity may make a Will.

Trade promotion lotteries are a great way to promote your business and engage customers with your brand and your latest products and services. If you want to run a successful trade promotion you should make sure that your competition complies with the relevant laws.

In an environment of declining housing affordability, more parents are helping their children out by financially assisting them in their housing purchase. When deciding on the best way to assist a child financially, there are some important matters you need to consider:

WMD Law is very pleased to again be the major sponsor for this year’s luncheon hosted by Sullivan Dewing to celebrate Women in Business on International Women’s Day.

discretionary trusts

Last year, the NSW Government introduced land tax and duty surcharges which can significantly impact the tax benefits of many discretionary trusts which own or are in the process of purchasing land in NSW.

'Fintech' (short for 'financial technology'), refers to technology that is rapidly changing the financial service industry. Fintechs include a range of innovative programs such as mobile banking, crowdfunding and more recently online marketplaces for home loans.

Jack is a black Labrador that WMD Law purchased and trained to be a companion dog for the students at St George School last year. The majority of the students at the school are in wheelchairs and love to spend time with the warm, loving and gentle Jack.  

There has been a focus on sexual harassment in the media recently due to some high profile allegations in Hollywood. It’s important that we recognise the issue is a global one and that sexual harassment in the workplace is a major concern in Australia.

If you are going through separation or divorce and would like to sort out your family dispute issues relating to your children and/or property, you may first wish to try Family Dispute Resolution to mediate the matter before going to Court.

Legal considerations for  AirBnb hosts

When you apply to be a host with Airbnb, you agree that the accommodation you list does not breach any lease, rental agreements or zoning laws which apply to the property.

Employment Law

Recent changes to the Fair Work Act mean that all businesses should be reviewing employee payments and the systems they have in place to manage compliance. The Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill has been introduced to protect vulnerable employees from underpayment.

WMD Law - Women in Business Luncheon on 3 March 2016

YOUR INVITED!!  Please come and join us in celebrating Women in Business whilst supporting Kookaburra Kids.  Our guest speaker is Layne Beachley AO.

Child Support Departure Prohibition Orders and Authorisation Certificates

Are you aware that the Child Support Agency has the power to prevent a person who has failed to pay their child support liabilities from leaving Australia?

WMD Law - What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning is more than just dividing up your assets, it is also in relation to who can make decisions on your well being.  Are your estate planning documents a true reflection of what you want?

Are you aware that you may separate and continue to live in the same house with your ex-partner?

Read this interesting article to find out more.

Buying a Business in NSW - WMD Law

Find out what important factors you need to consider when buying a business in NSW.

Living arrangements for children after separation - WMD Law

Read through the points to consider when trying to work out living arrangements for your children.

Personal Liability of Directors upon signing of company contracts

Has the company correctly signed the contract?

Australia's Largest Networking Event - WMD Law

WMD Law are proud to be involved in the Australia's Largest Networking Event on 26 August 2015.

WMD Law - New Home Building Laws in NSW

What you need to know.

WMD Law - Standard Contractual Clauses

Are you aware of the standard clauses that should be included in all contracts?

Women in Business Luncheon - WMD Law

WMD Law are proud to be a major sponsor of such a wonderful event. Please come and join us in celebrating Women in Business whilst supporting Kookaburra Kids.

Are you aware of the things businesses should know about the Australian Consumer Law?

A commercial property lease is a rental agreement between a landlord ("Lessor") and tenant ("Lessee") to use a warehouse, factory, office or a similar facility.  Before entering into a commercial property lease ("the Lease"), proper due diligence should be conducted to analyse the terms and conditions of the Lease and to understand the rights and obligations assigned of the parties.

WMD Law is proud to once again be the major sponsor of the Celebrating Women in Business luncheon hosted by Sullivan Dewing Chartered Accountants. This event is held in recognition of International Women’s Day, a global celebration of women everywhere.

WMD Law is once again a major sponsor of the Cronulla Lions Annual Corporate Charity Golf Day. You are invited to attend our 17th event on Friday, 28 March 2014 at Cronulla Golf Club.

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) not only put you in control of one of your most important as-sets but also allow you to invest in property. It can be a tax effective, wealth creation opportunity.  Click here for more information.

If you’re buying or selling property in 2014, don’t miss The Real Estate Secrets Workshop. It’s packed with insider tips that could save you thousands and help make your next property transac-tion profitable. Rebecca Flynn from WMD Law will be presenting at this information packed event