Change to drink driving laws

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Recent reforms relating to Drink Driving Offences in NSW have significantly changed the existing law.  As of Monday 20 May 2019 any driver even a first time or low range offender will receive an immediate three month licence suspension in addition to a $561 fine regardless of any defence or need for their licence.  Therefore, an individual with no significant traffic offences and no [...]

Amendments to the Road Transport Act

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Amendments to the Road Transport Act 2013 - Effective from 1 July 2018 From 1 July 2018 in NSW, new legislation comes into effect to improve road safety in three areas, mobile phone usage, drug-driving and drink driving. Mobile Phone Camera Detection Laws enabling cameras to detect driver's mobile phone usage came into effect on 1 July 2018.  The technology allows stationary cameras to see [...]

Avoiding Disputes with Neighbours

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The statement "good fences make good neighbours" is most often attributed to the poet Robert Frost. However a version of this proverb or statement exists in many different cultures and languages. We have seen a spate of neighbour disputes lately and we thought it was timely to outline some of the areas where neighbour disputes most often occur as well as some tips for dealing [...]

Workplace Sexual Harassment

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There has been a focus on sexual harassment in the media recently due to some high profile allegations in Hollywood. It’s important that we recognise the issue is a global one and that sexual harassment in the workplace is a major concern in Australia. A 2012 survey conducted by the Human Rights Commission found that one in four women had been sexually harassed at work [...]