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A caveat is a warning recorded on the title of a property to alert all interested parties of an interest in the property. We often are approached by clients who would like to lodge a caveat over a property which is owned by a person who owes them money, however being owed money is normally not sufficient to entitle you to lodge a caveat. In [...]

Allegations of Alcohol Abuse and Family Law

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More often it seems there are claims being made that one parent consumes alcohol excessively and that this has a negative impact upon their ability to parent the children of a marriage or relationship. If the Family Court is asked to determine a child's living arrangements, the Court's focus will be on what is in the child's best interests. One of the things the Court [...]

Bankruptcy in Family Law Property Proceedings

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If you are going through a separation and you or your partner are or become bankrupt, it is important to know how it can affect the way a Court will deal with property division. Once a person becomes bankrupt, their property is immediately vested in the Trustee in bankruptcy. The bankruptcy trustee may then be joined as a party to the proceedings in which a [...]

Enduring Guardianships and Powers of Attorney

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There's more to Estate Planning than Wills. Most people are familiar with what a Will is and why it is important. However, fewer people are aware of the different documents that can be prepared to protect your health and financial interests whilst alive, but unable to attend to your own affairs. What is an Enduring Guardian appointment? An Enduring Guardian appointment is a legal document [...]

Changes to the Family Law system in 2019

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What do they mean for my family law matter? Currently, the Federal Circuit Court deals with the majority of family law matters however, more complex matters are heard by the Family Court. These may include cases involving a child welfare agency and/or allegations of abuse, family violence and/or mental health issues, multiple parties or expert witnesses, valuations of complex interests in trusts or corporate structures, [...]

Implementing new business ideas safely

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Establishing a business based on Intellectual Property When starting a new business or developing a business idea involving intellectual property it is vital to protect the products of your hard work and knowledge. The first step is to determine what needs protecting, and then to determine how best to protect it. Intellectual property is an important asset which is capable of being bought or sold [...]

Parenting Disputes and Relocation

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Following a relationship breakdown it is common and understandable to want to simply pack up, move and start afresh. People may wish to be closer to family, they may wish to start over in a new city or they may find a new partner who lives in a different city, state or even in a different country. While these motives are all relatable, when children [...]

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