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Safety of Awnings on Public Land

By |2021-07-23T02:34:23+00:00July 15th, 2021|PROPERTY LAW|

Any Awning extending over public land, such as footpaths or roads, can threaten the safety of the public, and NSW has introduced changes to ensure building owners are act responsibly when installing awnings that extend over such land. Following a fatal accident in Balgowlah due to the collapse of an awning, the Deputy State Coroner conducted an investigation and prepared a report. Report by the [...]

WMD Law appoints new Principal Matthew Coulter

By |2021-07-01T00:49:12+00:00July 1st, 2021|NEWS|

We are pleased to announce that from 1 July 2021 Matthew Coulter will be appointed as a principal of WMD Law. Matthew has been working in our Commercial Division for over 8 years providing advice and representation to corporations, registered clubs and small businesses in relation to Commercial and Corporate Advice, Commercial Litigation and Employment Law.  Matthew can assist you with all aspects of commercial law [...]

Starting a New Job? Things you need to be aware of in your Employment Agreement

By |2021-06-25T01:57:29+00:00June 25th, 2021|COMMERCIAL LAW|

Starting a new job can be an exciting prospect, however you should ensure that you have read and fully understood any Employment Agreement issued by your employer before you go ahead and sign on the dotted line.    We have outlined some important terms to review in your Employment Agreement below. Simple Facts Although it may seem straight forward, it is important to ensure that [...]

Gulisano & Associates Become Part Of WMD Law

By |2021-06-25T01:56:57+00:00June 25th, 2021|NEWS|

We are delighted to formally announce our most recent acquisition by the firm.  Since 1 February 2021, Gulisano & Associates have been part of WMD Law. We recently celebrated this occasion with some of Gulisano & Associates clients, click here to watch our short video. Who are Gulisano & Associates? Gulisano & Associates are a well-respected and long-established practice in Menai. The principal of Gulisano [...]

Helping children into the property market – make sure you get advice first

By |2021-05-20T00:35:05+00:00May 20th, 2021|PROPERTY LAW|

Media stories abound about the spiralling value of real estate, particularly in Sydney, and the pressures young people face in getting a foot hold into the market. Many of our clients are in a position to help their children into the property market but care and careful planning are needed if unintended financial consequences are to be avoided.  Let’s assume that you own an investment [...]

Are you a Director? Do you know your obligations and responsibilities?

By |2021-05-20T00:29:29+00:00May 20th, 2021|COMMERCIAL LAW|

A director has an array of obligations or duties towards the company and its shareholders that must be adhered to pursuant to common law and statute. There are circumstances such as when the company is insolvent or is at risk of insolvency where duties are also owed to creditors and other members of the public. Obligations imposed by the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) include: The [...]

Restrictions on claims in quantum meruit – the decision in Peter Mann & Anor v Paterson Constructions Pty Ltd HCA 32

By |2021-04-21T00:08:25+00:00April 15th, 2021|COMMERCIAL LAW|

The High Court's recent decision in Peter Mann & Anor v Paterson Constructions Pty Ltd HCA 32 has limited the circumstances in which a builder can bring a claim in quantum meruit. A claim by a builder or other contractor in quantum meruit is a claim for the reasonable value of work done. Prior to the decision in Mann v Paterson, if a builder chose [...]

What Is An Advance Care Directive?

By |2021-04-21T00:29:51+00:00April 15th, 2021|ESTATE LAW|

An Advance Care Directive is a written statement of your wishes for your future health care. It comes into effect only if you are incapable of making health care decisions for yourself or communicating your wishes. Why make an advance care directive? You may have already appointed an Enduring Guardian to make decisions about your personal care and to give formal consent to medical treatment [...]

What can I do? My elderly mum/dad has a new partner and I am worried they will be taken advantage of

By |2021-03-31T04:00:52+00:00March 31st, 2021|FAMILY LAW|

This concern is often expressed to us by clients who have been assisting their parent to manage their financial and health affairs.  A combination of factors has combined to heighten this concern and among them are: People are living longer;There is a greater acceptance of, and tendency to form, new romantic relationships late in life; andThe enormous increase in value of most residential properties has [...]

The upcoming reforms to Unfair Contract Terms legislation

By |2021-03-31T04:00:19+00:00March 31st, 2021|COMMERCIAL LAW, LEGAL NEWS|

Since 2010, the Australian Consumer Lawhas provided protection for consumers and small businesses against unfair contract terms (UCTs) contained in standard form contracts. In November 2020, following consultation with the public, legislators announced a further strengthening of the UCT protections. The UCT protections will continue to apply only to standard form contracts issued to consumers and small businesses. What are unfair contracts? A term contained [...]

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