The Covid Pandemic accelerated the adoption of flexible and remote working arrangements across a range of businesses, not just in Australia, but throughout the world.

These arrangements are likely to continue after the Pandemic is no more than a memory and although the arrangements have a lot to offer in terms of work flexibility, reduction in travel times and possibly even savings for some businesses in terms of their workplace accommodation needs, the arrangements carry risks.

As lawyers, we are frequently entrusted with confidential and sensitive information that could cause harm to our clients if not protected.  That degree of security is relatively easy to maintain when working in a formal office environment where access to conversations and information printed or displayed on electronic devices is restricted but it is a very different matter when working either from home or, as is often the case, when people are working in public spaces such as restaurants or cafes or when travelling in an Uber, taxi, train or plane.

Many rideshare companies have instituted automatic recordings of journeys to ensure the safety of their passengers as well as their drivers.  Those recordings are not intended to capture confidential or sensitive information but they will do just that if you are careless in discussions or how you display information on electronic devices.

Making the best use of flexible and remote working arrangements is to be encouraged but please be mindful of the dangers of inadvertent disclosure of confidential information that might follow as a result.  At the very least such unintended disclosures could be embarrassing for you or your company and at the worst the subject of a claim for substantial damages.

For any assistance in relation to your workplace employment arrangements and steps that you can take to minimise the risk of inadvertent disclosure of information please contact us on 9525 8688 or email and one of our professional team will be able to assist you by providing practical advice and assistance.