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Our Estate Services

Estate law can be a sensitive area. Whether you're planning your estate, establishing a trust, making a claim on an estate or appointing a Power of Attorney for a loved one, you need the services of an estate law expert who will guide you through the process with sensitivity, accuracy and timeliness. At WMD Law, our estate law team is made up of a team of legal experts with extensive experience in all aspects of estate law.

Estate planning is a complex area of law, for many people a simple will is not enough to provide unambiguous instructions for the division of your estate, and to avoid or limit estate claims. Ensuring your legacy lives on to benefit your loved ones is vital. WMD Law can help you to understand the numerous options available through testamentary trusts, structuring arrangements and tax minimisation strategies.

With Accredited Specialist in Family Law, our team also specialises in advising spouses, de factos and extended family members on making and defending estate claims in the Supreme and District Courts.

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