As a business owner you have always had rules and regulations to abide by. Today though and into the foreseeable future these will need to be adapted to keep up with the current environment we all find ourselves in.   The most recent development as a business owner is to keep your business afloat and to implement measures for your team to be able to work remotely and flexibly should that be feasible and become necessary. For many that will involve working from home.  Are you ready for this and are you aware of your legal obligations to employees that are working from home?

Outlined below are some points that need to be considered:

  • Implement a “Work from home policy” – It is critical to ensure both the employer and employee understand what is expected of them and what their obligations and rights are under the new working conditions. This policy should be a written document circulated to all employees who are or may be able to work from home.


  • Update your employment contracts to reflect the new working arrangements.


  • Provide a secure digital environment – make sure that you have reliable and secure systems, software and virus protection in place.


  • Setting up a home office – If the employee does not have the necessary equipment to work from home, you may need to lend furniture and computers from the office to the employee on the proviso that it is returned when working conditions return to ‘normal’. You could also purchase equipment for the employee and let the employee ‘pay it back’ via salary sacrifice over time.


  • Ensure the health and safety of your employees, irrespective of the location where they are undertaking work. This could be done by requesting photographs of the employee’s home office set-up, and asking the employee to check there are no hazards and confirm the safety of their environment.


  • Mental Health and wellbeing. Check in on your employees and communicate with them regularly to make sure they are coping.  Remember people are feeling anxious about the Coronavirus so it is important to keep the morale high.

Our team can assist you with creating and implementing a ‘Work from Home Policy,’ updating your employment contracts and can answer any employment queries to alleviate some of the pressure at this difficult time.  Please do not hesitate to contact us on 9525 8688 or email Dean Groundwater or any of our other commercial team.

Remember, with time our world will overcome the Coronavirus but in the meantime, stay safe and know that we are here for you.